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Screamin' Sam

Screamin Sam KinisonIt all started back in 1998, when Sam took his family to Disney. Sam who was a hard working man, needed a vacation and decided to take the family away to Disney in Orlando, Florida. He decides to shave his beard because of how hot it is in Florida. When they get there he decides to buy a Mickey Mouse beret, and wear the beret in place of his baseball cap. He walks through the park and people start to scream and yell “hey, you look like Sam Kinison!” Sam was thinking “what the hell are these people talking about?” Then a guy who was on a pay phone, gets off the phone and runs up to me and asked if I do a tribute to Sam, and if I had ever been on the Howard Stern Show. Sam replied “no”, and the guy says “well you should, because you are a dead ringer of Sam Kinison”. After a week of having fun with this Sam starts to watch all of Sam’s stand up acts and Sam’s style, and thinks “hey, I can do this”.

     After a few weeks Sam calls the funny bone in Pittsburgh, PA to sign up for open mic night and gives it a shot. Once he got on stage and broke into his Kinison act the crowd went crazy! That gave him the confidence to do it a second time, but the second time didn't fare so well. He froze and walked off the stage just a minute into his act. He went home that night and thought “man, what am I doing? I can’t do this.” His second stage appearance really knocked the confidence out of him and he felt like giving up. After a while his friends and family started to ask why he would quit doing something he is obviously good at. They kept pressing into him that he can do it and if he keeps at it, it would pay off. Sam was blessed to have that kind of support from his family and friends. Sam realized this, and not much later, he was back on the stage again and hasn't quit since.

Sam has shared his talent at comedy clubs all over the country and people love it. Not only does he get to share his act with people that may have never had a chance to see the real Sam Kinison, he gets to interact daily with people that knew the real Sam on a personal level. The same people that knew the real Sam even tell him he is the number one Sam Kinison impersonator in the world! Every time Sam takes the stage he gets better and better. He watches all of Sam’s old shows on a regular basis to pick up on little things. "Its a different life that I’m living now compared to the way it use to be," Sam says "I can’t go anywhere without people screaming “AHHH, AHHHH or saying, “look, its Sam Kinison!".

      Everyone he runs into says he is going to be big some day. If you have never seen Sam Kinison live, then you've got to catch one of Screamin' Sam’s show, it is unlike anything you have seen. If you ever get a chance to see Screamin' Sam, whether its at a show or maybe some car or bike show, or just hanging out somewhere, don't be shy, just walk up and talk to Screamin' Sam, and ask for one of his signed autograph pictures, he'll love to talk with you. 

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