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Nov 20, 2012 - Live On Location with Catherine Foxx

Brenda Bound Nov 13, 2012 Radio Show BannerTonight we will be on-location with Catherine Foxx at her studio. This sexy red head is a Professional Model, Actress, Fetish Star, and Producer who's been on our show before, but since this time we will be broadcasting live from her studio, Catherine Foxx will be able to give our fans a real taste of what she does.  Visit to listen to the live show at 7PM EST!

See more of Catherine Foxx at her website:

Click here for Photos of Catherine Foxx in our Gallery.

Click here to listen to the last time Catherine Foxx was on.

Follow @ScreaminSam and @BudEcstasy for live photo tweets during the show.

Update From Screamin' Sam 11/24/12: Catherine Foxx Invited 3 Friends to her studio, The Foxx Office, including Courtney Cameron, Michelle Maverick and another hot redhed Piper! 4 HOT HOT Chicks, and the night was nothing but exciting and hot, from Balloon Popping to Foot Fetish, Making out and more! We can't give it all away so you'll have to listen for yourself folks and check out the surprize talent that Catherine Foxx has for you to listen to... It will Blow your Mind!

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