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The Screamin Sam Show 01/22/13

The Screamin Sam Show 01/22/13

With The Band Sunshine & Bullets, Bill Kinison and S.I.M.
Series: The Screamin' Sam Show - Radio
Duration: 1:52:15
A great Interview with a great band "Sunshine & Bullets". 2 Members from the band, Amanda and Rich, came to our studio and talked about their music, how they got their name, how they got together, and write their music. We had a phone Interview with the third member of Sunshine and Bullets, Kyle. What a fun and a great sounding band and we are glad to have them on board with The Screamin' Sam Show. Of course we had our main man Bill Kinison on so hear what’s up with Bill. Finally, a last minute call from Speech Impediment Man (SIM) gets out of control as always. This was a great show with great music from Sunshine & Bullets! You will enjoy this one Folks so listen in for a fun time!

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